Japanese Bloodstock Agent - 海外競馬 馬主


I am a freelance bloodstock consultant with over 16 years of extensive experience in the Australian and Japanese bloodstock industry.

As a result of established positive relationships with JRA (Japan Racing Association), JBBA (Japan Bloodhorse Breeders' Association) and HBA (Hidaka horse Breeders' Association), I have been in a consultancy position with the JBBA and HBA since 2009.

A long standing consultancy with Australia's premier thoroughbred auction house, Inglis, has enabled me to develop the market for Australian thoroughbreds in Japan. I have assisted many Japanese buyers to purchase yearlings, weanlings and broodmares through Inglis thoroughbred auctions and have successfully managed syndicates for Japanese investors.

As a bloodstock consultant, I specialise in selecting thoroughbreds for private sales and at public auctions, purchasing and selling as an agent, exporting between Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and Japan, and marketing for auctions and related events.

I believe in the importance of honesty and integrity and am dedicated to maintaining a professional work ethic.



公正なる取引と信頼関係を大切に、現在はブラッドストック・エージェントとして、サラブレッドの売買、購買した馬のシンガポール、香港、日本、オーストラリア間の輸出入、馬やその経費の管理、馬主のアドバイザー、セリや競馬際などのプロモーションなどの業務を提供しています。 ご質問等、お気軽にお問い合わせください。

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